Staples Shredders: Why I Own Them

Staples shredders are probably the reason why I am into destroying paper junk at home. Not that I have a habit of finding joy in tearing up paper products, but I am very particular about getting rid of items in my home office that would disturb me from doing work. I am a scriptwriter and I tend to make a lot of drafts. Add a daughter that is serious about art school and junk mail, and it is not hard to imagine that without a shredder we would be knee-deep in paper stuff.

So why own a shredder, instead of just throwing paper into the garbage bin?

Shredders Staples Make Me Mind My Trash

I do not like the idea that people may be snooping in my garbage and get to know personal information that I would like to keep for myself. Paper from home may contain a lot of information about me and my family, and I do not want unwanted people knowing my social media accounts, phone number, and home address. Owning a shredder also sees to it that I do not throw away my work. By having to feed paper into a shredder, I am able to see which stuff am I destroying, and which ones I should keep.

Staples Paper Shredders Shred Well

When I say that they shred well, they can shred most stuff that I have in my office. They can destroy CDs, credit cards, and staples, which also destroy that hassle of having to be too careful in taking out the trash. If I want any document or material that contains sensitive information, into my shredder they go.

Paper Shredders Staples Are Well-Built

Staples Shredders: Why I Own ThemI happen to have to print every draft that I make because I want to proof them with a pen. On the average, I must be using about 6 inches of stacked copy paper for my drafts and final copy. I do not like my final drafts lost, so I need a shredder that would work continuously while I’m sorting work. My 12-sheet micro cut shredder from Staples commits to the hard work of disposing the stuff that I do not need, and I do take advantage of its ability to run for 6 minutes continuously. I may not be that environment-friendly, but at least I’m organized.

Paper Shredders At Staples Are Cost-Efficient

I would not own a paper shredder at home if I cannot afford them. For a shredder that could hold up to about 6 gallons of waste and can shred up to 6 feet per minute, I figured that spending $160 for an extra heavy duty shredder that can shred 12 sheets at a time to be a no-brainer. It is a good investment, and it easily takes the challenge of doing the job of keeping my desk writer-friendly.

Apart from being heavy duty enough for a person with a lot of trash, I think that my 12-sheet shredder is also a very smart machine. Well, it is that first shredder I owned that refuses to jam, no matter how much paper I feed into it.

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Staples Whiteboard: A Necessity for Home Office

Everybody knows that Staples is a Mecca for everyone who needs office supplies. However, looking at their website shows that the Staples whiteboard department is a real gem. Why is that the case? For a freelancer that prides in his home office, Staples offers solutions for whiteboard needs. Here is some of the stuff you can find at the whiteboard section.

Whiteboard Staples: The Planner Solution

I am sure that I am not the only one who juggles tight schedules and keeps them on track using a whiteboard. The only problem is that common whiteboards are not made to separate schedules, and it is too tasking to do a makeshift calendar using permanent ink. However, I found the Quartet Prestige Total Erase Monthly Calendar that gives me exactly what I need: a calendar area, and a lined note area. This costs around a hundred bucks, but hey, I need this in my life.

For those looking for a cheaper version, you might want to grab the Envi Planner Board instead, which is around $30.

Whiteboard Tape Staples: The Wall/Table Solution

Here’s something that I bought for my colleague for his birthday: whiteboard tape. This is a great product for those who cannot hang boards, or would want a space-saving solution for their notes by allowing everything to be dry-erased instead. These tapes are also great when it comes to organizing events and schedules, and it is quite innovative of Staples to offer them in different colors. If you want to quit using Post Its that refuse to stick, these are great buys.

Staples Magnetic Whiteboard: The Ultimate Organizer

Staples Whiteboard: A Necessity for Home Office
Magnetic whiteboards are the best things that one can own if there are a lot of notes that you want sticking in your board, but you prefer to not use adhesives. These magnetic whiteboards are more expensive, but it pays to pay when you can also stick your eraser and pens into them. These whiteboards are great buys for people who are so used to ref magnets, but would like to have their notes in their office instead. They are also great for photo ideas and easy retrieval of everything you need.

Magic Whiteboard Staples

Why are magic whiteboards magical? It is because these things can convert a wall into a giant whiteboard without destroying the paint. It clings to walls and any flat surface without the use of adhesives, thanks to static electricity. This is best for those who work with giant concept maps or are trying to do storyboards while already on shoot location.

The great thing about these magic whiteboards is that they also come in different colors, which reminds me that they are the better version of sticky notes. If you are tired of the old white shade, you can try the Magic Clearboard, which is available to be purchased as 25 perforated sheets, which yields 65 square feet of material. You may also want to check out the Magic Blackout, which you can stick to your windows to block out light.

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Current Address Labels Addressed My Packing Needs

Current address labels are those things that I would not normally need, until I opened my shop for customized cupcakes. I used to print nifty cards to come along with my cupcake boxes, and I thought that hey, I could do the printing myself. Just when I thought that I would never have to order custom labels from anyone, a big order came up. It’s a corporate event, and since my bakeshop is a one-man stint, I knew that I have to save the packaging for later.

Why Did I Order Labels?

Contrary to popular belief, a cupcake business is actually one tough cookie, especially if you do everything on your own. I do my own shopping for ingredients, baking, and boxing. But if the order entails baking 2000 pieces of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and that they have to be individually boxed, it is logical to think that I would be needing help. That’s when I contacted Current Labels.

The Current Labels Experience

What I like about this labeling company is that they have everything covered. I ordered address labels, but I also asked customer service if they can print the labels out to bear my business logo. Unfortunately, they are unable to do so, so I had to stick with the plainest design that they have.

However, for a labeling company that was built in the 50s, the experience is not so bad. Personalization of items may not be as customized as I want it to be, but the designs that they have on their website are not as old-fashioned as I imagined. Some of the designs are even current, but I think their greatest asset is offering personalized patriotic items.

Current Return Address Labels and More

Current Address Labels Addressed My Packing NeedsAs a true labeling company, I find that Current is offering more than address labels, but also a lot of labels that one could use for business, especially those that involve food. I checked out their Kitchen Helpers section and I saw that they are also offering food labels for cans and bottles. Most of the designs though are too country for my taste, but hey, maybe my mom can appreciate them better than I do.

I think that when it comes to packaging, this labeling company is more geared to family-oriented products such as personalized mugs, family gifts, and note cards. While I have a more modern taste and most designs would not work for my brand, a lot of similar businesses would find their designs appropriate.

Some Other Things Worth Checking Out

I found out that they are also offering personalized checks, which gave me the idea that I can distribute them for my Thanksgiving promo. They are offering 800 check designs, and I want to take advantage of the direct-to-consumer experience that these gifts can give to my business.

For those that are looking for sale items, they are also offering clearance items for some of their products. I might want to get them in case I get another big order.

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The Brother 8480dn: The Smart Printer

When I saw the Brother 8480dn multifunction printer, I know that it is a bit large for my desktop, but I know that it is a great buy because I saw the reviews from PC Magazine. For a printer/fax/copier/scanner, I thought that its size that is fit for small offices will make it an excellent addition next to my office table at home. For a street price of $400, it makes a lot of sense.

Duplexing Printer for Efficiency

Saving up on paper, and not just the toner, is important for most people. After all, small offices are the ones that are more concerned about printing on both pages. With duplex printing capacity, this all-in-one printer makes the cut, especially for offices that are trying to save on paper resources, or would like to take advantage of designs that involves both sides.

Support for Various OS

The brother 8480dn driver for Mac, Linux, and Windows is available for download in their website, which allows easy integration for scanning and fax. It takes away the hassle of multiple machine operation, or having to buy another desktop. In addition, setup is also very easy. All that one needs to do is load the brother mfc 8480dn toner and paper, plug in the power cord, and run the CD installer that comes with the package.

Fast Printing

The Brother 8480dn: The Smart PrinterWhat makes this printer extra special is that for the price that I paid, I get high-quality fast printing that I used to get from more expensive mono laser printers. I can also give additional points to the number of impressions the printer can make, which is a lot. It also helps that the printer allows easy connectivity for all its features across LAN, or USB. The only flaw that I can tell about the printing is that the edges look like they are a bit smudged, but that is not really a big concern for me.

Easy Access to Consumables and Awesome Support

What I like the most about this brand is that they offer product support directly at their website, and it is quite easy for users like me to find replacement brother 8480dn drum and brother 8480dn toner. It is as easy as logging in to their website and ordering these products for shipment. Looking for all the information that I need about operation, care, replacements, and warranties are all there in their website, but it is also easy to ask for customer service representative when I need additional support.

This all-in-one printer comes with a one-year warranty, which gives a lot of room for users to explore features and determine functionality. For me, the product is becoming quite a necessity for my home office. With all the features that it can do, plus the great size that would not crowd my work area, this is one of the most efficient office investments that I have made so far. I can’t complain, especially when it does half the job I need to do in a day.

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Avery 5390 Is Life Saver for DIY Name Badges

If you have a need for badges, e.g., you run a club or a seminar, it would be helpful to have Avery 5390. Essentially, they are those badge inserts that you can order. This is a great getting-to-know you tool, which you can also use for ID purposes in any event, such as making people know who the marshals and organizers are.

What makes this product a must-have is that you can write and print on them using a laser printer. Here are some tips that I can lend you about using custom templates for your own name badge.

Download Avery Template 5390 Free

Yes, you do not need to write on each one of them, and if you need to customize name badges to let people know that they attended the right event, you can download free templates. These templates will allow you to insert text within margins, so that no characters will be missing once you insert them into the badge holders.

Custom Designs for Avery 5390 Template

This is what I noticed in the Avery website – when it comes to downloadable templates, most of them are already designed according to occasion, so one would not really need to worry if they have no designing skills. At the same time, all templates from the site are also Word compatible, meaning one does not have to really use more sophisticated design software for designing, such as Photoshop. Most of the time, all that you need to do is make sure that your text does not go beyond the margins.

Inserting Images into Avery Templates 5390

Avery 5390 Is Life Saver for DIY Name BadgesThis is probably the most asked question when it comes to Avery templates. Most people claim that they cannot copy and paste image files into the blank templates, and it is understandable that people would want to use their own logos for their events.

To insert a photo into the template, open Microsoft Word and run the Avery Wizard. Just click the Enhanced Editing option, and select Add Image. Select the image that you want to insert from file.

Do You Need Sets?

You do not necessarily have to buy from Avery if you need badge holders, as long as you can find holders for 2-1/4″ x 3-1/2″ badges. However, it may be more efficient for you if you choose to buy from Avery instead to ship together with your badge inserts. Their garment-friendly clip style name tag (product number 74461) already comes with 100 top-loading flexible holder, white badge inserts, and garment friendly clips. For a price of $95.89, you will only be concerned with printing the names.

On the other hand, you may also want to check out the side-loading version of that product (product number 74556), but that features a rigid holder. The price is considerably lower at $88.71.

However, if you are really tight on budget and you just need a few of those badges, check out product number 74651, which offers 12 of the badges, with flexible holders and garment clips.

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